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We create and update your help docs, tutorials, knowledge base articles, videos, FAQs, product updates, onboarding guides, and more.
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We work with your existing tools
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How to outsource your knowledge base and video content

Without spending hours preparing each request
Without worrying about quality and accuracy
Without having to fix broken links and screenshots
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Accurate help content

Always-updated content that helps users

Why wait until you build a large customer success or support team to have a world-class knowledge base.
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Continuous improvement

Improve the way you provide support

When you have good help and product-related content, you can give high quality answers faster.
The right content

Quality above quantity

Well-written articles that maintain a healthy balance between text and visuals enable higher conversion.
Optimal length: For helping users quickly.
Enhanced with HD screenshots, GIFs, and videos.
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Continuous improvement

Improve the way you provide support

When you have good help and product-related content, you can give high quality answers faster.
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Straightforward process

For help center audits

We review the list of content items in order to categorize the needs.
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We update each item according to our agreed workflow and we publish it.

For new content requests

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You ping us via email or Slack Connect. If we have questions, we'll let you know.
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We create the content, you review it and we publish!

For recurring content updates

We set recurring tasks for reviewing published content every few months.
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If an update is required, we edit, if necessary, you review, and it's live!

Not all content is created equal

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Does the title make sense? (for your users)

Meet them where they are: Help users find the answers they need: Specific vs. generic articles
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Knowledge base & help center articles

Offer "How-to" articles that work
Reduce recurring support tickets
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Is the style consistent and recognizable?

Enhance the user experience: What is an H1, an H2, and what is added in a yellow box labelled as “Important”?
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Can we help users using less content?

Help users succeed fast: Is it better to use 3 paragraphs, or half a paragraph and 4 smaller specific screenshots?
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Getting started & onboarding content

Help users onboard in a guided way
Improve their UX with targeted content
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Are there grammar and spelling issues?

Ensure accuracy: A missing comma or apostrophe can be very confusing: the users vs. the user’s
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How do we use footer links and CTAs?

Promote the actions you want: Should users see related articles, a contact support link, a signup CTA , or all the above?
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Frequently asked questions

Offer short answers to simple questions
Expand FAQs to address all pain points
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Do the terms match what users see?

Use the terms they know: Buttons, titles, links, headers and everything in between changes over time.
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Do we use the right anchor link format?

Increase the lifecycle of your anchor links: Anchor links tend to break when headings change. How to avoid this?
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Product updates

Promote updates for attracting users
Help users adopt product updates
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Did we check how it looks on smaller screens?

Apart from mobile-first UIs, everything else needs to be at least usable on popular screen dimensions.