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HelpfulDocs is a managed network of top freelance technical writers with rates ranging from $25/h to $55/h. Flexible hiring adapted to your needs, from a few weeks to a few years!
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We are a super busy team of engineers working on a highly technical product that requires good documentation. Also, our documentation is one of the major marketing channels for us. HelpfulDocs was very proactive and super fast in terms of communications. The numbers confirm that it was money well spent.
Maksym Sherbinin
Co-founder & CEO
Edited 500+ help center pages
Made our documentation more useful
Page visits increased by 20%
Bounce rate decreased by 40%
Verified review on G2

Why hire through our network

We manage the collaboration (content requirements, deadlines, billing, etc.). You interact with the writer directly regarding the content creation.
Hiring through HelpfulDocs
• Deep technical writing experience
• Proven tools, templates, and processes
• Pre-screened writers for quality and accuracy
• We accept the top 5% of technical writers
• We coach the 95% so they can reach the top 5%
Proven success
Hiring direct
1. Spend hours reviewing and interviewing writers
2. Realize how hard it is to find the right one
3. End up overpaying as it seems the best option
4. Spend a lot of time managing them and their work, figuring out the best workflows and more.
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How it works

Free consultation with your dedicated expert
Free consultation
We have a call to discuss your needs and share with you our suggestions as well as relevant samples. Along with that, we'll show you relevant best practices from other products.
Compare writers and get relevant samples
• Product category experience
• Industry experience
• Technical knowledge
• Content management skills
• Illustration skills
• Video skills
Launch a one-time or ongoing collaboration
Ongoing updates
Do you need help for a one-time project or someone who can stay with you and take this off your plate? You're not sure yet? That's perfectly fine. Start and you'll figure it out.

Updated articles & videos that help your users

You don't need a technical writing team to have a world-class help center or knowledge base with accurate and helpful articles, tutorials, and more.
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Improve the way you provide support

When you have good help and product-related content, you can give high quality answers faster. Improving and expanding content guarantees results.

Quality above quantity

Well-written articles that maintain a healthy balance between text and visuals enable higher conversion.
Optimal length: For helping users quickly. Enhanced with HD screenshots, GIFs, and videos.
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Continuous improvement

Improve the way you provide support

When you have good help and product-related content, you can give high quality answers faster.
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