Notion help center teardown

In this teardown we're looking at Notion's help center as well as the somewhat uncommon yet very interesting best practices they've adopted.

Notion is an "all-in-one-workspace" that helps users manage tasks, organize work, save documents, and a lot more. In this teardown, we look at how Notion’s team set up their help center. Let’s get to it!

Where can users access the help center

Notion’s help center is accessible at the top navigation menu under Resources. Users can also visit the help center through a footer link.

Notion website screenshot

What domain choices did the team make

Notion separated their help center from their developer docs. On their community page, users can find links to different places where Notion fans are interacting such as Facebook, Discord, Slack and other places. There isn't a specific URL to access a forum-like website.

Notion domains

How is the content organized

The help center contains three main sections: References, Guides, and APIs. References is further divided into several categories: New to Notion, Notion Apps, Meet your Workspace, Write, Edit & Customize, Databases, Import, Export & Integrate, Sharing & Collaboration, Account Settings & Privacy,and Plans, Billing & Payment.

Notion help center categories

How do they use calls to action

The website's header features their standard CTAs—Contact sales, and Try Notion free. Beyond these, we couldn’t find other CTAs within the help articles. 

Notion help center screenshot

How do they use videos

We reviewed some of Notion's help articles, and most of them feature videos under the title, like in the article Start with a template. We couldn't find any clips inserted in-between steps or workflows.

Notion help center

How do they use GIFs

The use of GIFs is quite frequent. The format is quite similar and almost all articles under the New to Notion and Write, Edit & Customize categories feature GIFs alongside screenshots and other images.

Notion sample GIF

How do they use Illustrations

The Notion team doesn't seem to use any diagrams, flows, or illustrations in their help articles and developer documentation. We couldn't find images, screenshots, and videos that illustrate specific workflows or structures.

How does their community work

Notion's Community page shows the different ways users can get involved. They can join a community-hosted group or a location-based forum, attend community-hosted online events, and many more.

Screenshot from Notion

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