Slack help center teardown

In this teardown we're looking at Slack's help center and content strategy as well as the best practices they've adopted.

Slack is a communication tool designed for teams and workplaces. In this teardown, we look at how Slack put together their help center and how their content is organized.

Where can users access the help center

Users have two ways to access Slack’s help center. The first one is by clicking Resources on the top navigation menu and selecting Visit the Help Center. The second one is by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage and clicking Help Center.

Slack home page screenshot

What domain choices did the team make

Slack separated their help center from the developer docs and the community. You can easily navigate to the docs from inside the help center.

Slack domain URLs

How is the content organized

Slack’s help center has six categories: Getting Started, Using Slack, Your profile & preferences, Connect tool & automate tasks, Workspace administration, and Slack tutorials. Below these categories are six featured articles, which we assume are the most visited ones.

Slack screenshot

How do they use calls to action

The help center has a Sign Up and a Contact Us link on the top right corner of the page. They've also added a Download Slack link on the footer next to their social media links. We couldn't find any other CTAs inside the articles.

Slack help center screenshot

How do they use videos

Several help articles contain videos from Slack's YouTube channel. They are quite good and they are typically used for explaining workflows and how-to steps, like in the article Search in Slack.

Slack screenshot

How do they use GIFs

The Slack team doesn't seem to be big fans of GIFs. We found very few instances where they used a GIF. Two of those were the articles Schedule messages to send later and Format your messages.

Slack GIFs

How do they use Illustrations

The illustrations in the developer documentation and the tutorials are used for clarifying somewhat complex workflows. They were designed using Slack's own brand colors (which isn't common for most companies) and they're quite easy to understand.

How does their community work

On the Slack community site you'll will find five categories: Upcoming events, Find a chapter, Start a chapter, Resources, and About us. This is quite different from the traditional type of community which is focused on sharing support answers publicly, tracking feature requests, and so on.

Slack screenshot

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