Stripe help center teardown

In this teardown we're looking at Stripe's documentation and content strategy as well as the best practices they've adopted.

Stripe is a payment processing, billing, and revenue management platform. Their documentation is used by millions of developers across the world, and given it's an API-first product that also has a dashboard, the content offers a great blend of UI and API related elements.

Where can users access the help center

Right at the top, under the Developers drop down menu. That's exactly where you would expect it for an API-first product like Stripe.

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What domain choices did the team make

Stripe has separated their docs from their support site. They also have a site they call developer essentials. Users can easily go back and forth between these since they link to each other almost everywhere.

Stripe domains

How is the content organized into categories

When it comes to the docs, it has seven categories: Home, Payments, Business operations, Financial services, Developer tools, Security, and All products. They also added a link to the APIs and SDKs docs and a link to access the support center.

How do they use calls to action

The Stripe team uses a lot of internal CTA links with arrows and buttons like the one below. You'll also find plenty of links that send to specific parts of the dashboard (only available for signed up users). Apart from the navigation bar and a footer sign up form for developer updates, we couldn't find any other CTAs.

Stripe help center CTAs

How do they use videos

The majority of Stripe’s documentation does not contain videos. While some include a short clip (like the How Invoicing Works article), it is almost unnoticeable because of its size. The video is directly uploaded to the website and that's fairly uncommon as most companies use Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

How do they use GIFs

GIFs were rarely used in Stripe’s documentation. In the rare cases where they are included, it's primarily for overviews like in the article Stripe CLI.

How do they use Illustrations

The Stripe team uses quite a lot of illustrations, screenshots, and other visuals to present specific workflows like in the article Create subscriptions with Elements

How does their community work

Stripe has a community in Discord. It already has 12.000+ members and growing by the day. The link to Stripe’s Discord can be found at the bottom of their support site.

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