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help content teardown

Mixpanel is a tool that allows you to analyze how users interact with your Internet-connected product.
July 2021


Mixpanel has separated their help articles from their developer docs, and their community. The help articles also contain links to other sections of the website such as Product Resources (Content Library).


The help center itself has only 4 categories: Start here, Data, Analysis, and Manage Account. The other 4 links they have on the help center homepage are linking to useful resources outside of the help center.


Given Mixpanel's documentation is required for starting to use the product, links to it are placed at the top navigation menu.

Calls to action

We reviewed quite a few articles and we couldn't find any CTAs (calls to action) placed inside the articles. The content of the articles is purely educational and is not designed to drive product-related traffic.


There are a few videos in the Introduction to Mixpanel (Course) section and the Help Video Library section, but videos aren't really used inside help center articles. Some articles do have videos, like the Identity Management one, but it's not as common as in other companies.


GIFs are used heavily on some articles where the user needs to understand how to perform a sequence of steps, like this one explaining how Lookup Tables work. GIFs are not a standard feature present on all or most of the help articles and they are used along with videos in many cases.


In the developer docs it's clear that the team has put more work into making illustrations look really great (like the example above). In the help center there are several lower quality illustrations like the ones on the Lookup Tables example article.

Community (forum)

The Mixpanel community includes a forum for topic-based conversations, but it also includes some cool features such as Moments where customers share their success stories, Groups where community members can join others like them, a Product updates section that includes a product update webinar.