Upgrade existing docs and videos

Content audit
We review your existing content and assign tasks to our team based on our agreed objectives.
Batch edit
Our team edits the content, and submits the updated articles to you for review.
Review batch & publish
You review each batch and we publish in your tools. We adjust our speed to your reviewing capacity.

Not all content is created equal

Meet them where they are

Does the title make sense?

Help users find the answers they need: "How to upgrade your account" vs. "Billing".
Help users succeed fast

Can we help users using less content?

Do we use 3 paragraphs, or 1 paragraph and 3 full-page screenshots, or half a paragraph and 4 smaller specific screenshots?
Enhance the user experience

Is the style consistent?

What is an H1, an H2, and what is added in a yellow box labelled as “Important”? Do we sound too strict? Or maybe a bit too friendly?
Ensure accuracy

Are there grammar and spelling issues?

A missing comma or apostrophe can be very confusing: the users vs. the user’s
Communicate the right way

Do we suggest or dictate?

Delivery is key. “Here you can…” is very different from “Click here, paste your link…”
Make sure it's professional

Do we use the right type of visuals?

Raw screenshots or with a colored border? GIFs or MP4s? Red circles and arrows as pointers?
Use the terms they know

Do the terms match what users see?

Buttons, titles, links, headers and everything in between changes over time.
Promote the actions you want

How do we use footer links and CTAs?

Do we want users to see related articles after they've read each article? Do we want to them to rate the article or do we promote "contact support"
Flexible workflows

Stay in your tools

Most tools have the necessary features for successfully completing a content upgrade without cutting corners.
The right content

Quality above quantity

Well-written articles that maintain a healthy balance between text and visuals enable higher conversion.
- Optimal length: For helping users quickly.
- Enhanced with HD screenshots, GIFs, and videos.